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Launching of SILVERFIN LLP.

It is with great pleasure that we are sharing with you this inaugural blog of SILVERFIN LLP. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with you through this platform, which we see as a valuable way to share our insights and updates about the ever-changing world of finance and accounting.

These days, there are lots of talks / debates on AI, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, etc. We are already witnessing their rapid development and how they are affecting our lives deeply. Whilst they have greatly improved our quality of life, there are potential challenges / dangers. We have witnessed big corporate failures, though not in the same proportion as Enron. Fines imposed by Regulators on auditors / professionals are becoming recurrent. New innovative but complex structures are being introduced in the global business sector. All these contemporary topics together with the more customary IFRS / IAS updates will be covered regularly in our upcoming blogs / Articles section of our website.

From our website, you would already have an insight on SILVERFIN LLP, a newly established professional Audit & Assurance firm duly licensed and regulated. We are dedicated to providing top-notch services in Audit, Advisory, Business Accounting, and Tax & Compliance. Our commitment is driven by the purpose to support the growth and stability of our clients’ businesses, and help them navigate the complex landscapes of financial regulations and requirements by adding value to their business.

But you may ask the question of why yet another Audit & Assurance firm and what addition do we bring compared to others. Well, our U.S.P are:

  1. Whilst our firm is new on the scene, our partners bring years of expertise in the audit and financial services sector, both in banking and non-banking environments. The team includes two experienced professional accountants who are Fellow of the Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA – UK), and a seasoned economist cum banker, bringing diverse perspectives and comprehensive knowledge to our services.
  2. Two of the partners have worked previously with the Regulators of the financial services sector, namely the Bank of Mauritius and the Financial Services Commission, so they are well equipped to ensure that our clients are compliant and will be able to guide and educate them on the importance of having well maintained companies.
  3. Two of the partners have practised in a big-4 Audit Firm and have also worked in one of the largest Management Company. Having been on both sides, they are well equipped to advise clients. As they understand the business more easily, this can only benefit the clients from reduced / unnecessary queries. Whilst our quality will not be compromised, we do understand the importance of time in the conduct of any business and would restrain our queries only to relevant ones.
  4. The long experience of all the partners in the field of finance, be it in Insurance, banking, global business and domestic sector would mean that we are not only restricted to typical audit & Assurance, but we will also be able to widen our scope by adding value and by giving proper advice / structuring to our valued clients.
  5. Compared to other firms, all our assignments will have a personal touch, as they will be conducted and reviewed by the partners. Though we will train and empower our junior staff, they will not be fronting the clients with unnecessary queries and they will always be supervised.
  6. We are fully committed to the zero carbon / green initiative and will not accept assignments from clients investing / having activities that incidentally also pollutes the environment, unless they have a green policy.
  7. We will only accept clients that we are comfortable with and understand their business. For example, gambling, hedging, crypto and the likes, though legal, will be outside our scope.
  8. Leveraging our experience, we have a special focus on the global business services sector, identifying opportunities and mitigating risks to drive the financial success of our clients.

If you share any of our objectives and values and want to experience a personalized and expert service, please get in touch with us. We will revert in the next 12 hours, with a personalised non-AI response.

Welcome to the world of SILVERFIN LLP, where professionalism and passion is at work!

For and on behalf of SILVERFIN LLP
Sandeep Fakun, FCCA. TEP