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    Whether you’re taking the next step in your growth journey, there are lots of ways to source funds. Evaluating the multitude of different funding sources, rates and deals now available in the marketplace can be a tedious task.

    If you want to ensure you get the best deal from your bank, or the best return on your investments, it might be time for some expert advice and our partner, has many years’ experience helping businesses who need to raise finance navigate the complex banking and finance market. We tailor our support to find the very best solutions for you.

    Our partners have spent many years in the banking and finance industry – which can prove invaluable and reassuring both to our clients, and the banks, funders and individuals they deal with. We can help on the structure, pricing and appropriateness of funding options, including security and covenants, and we are always happy to join in meetings between clients and their funders

    • Fund Raising

    Every business typically requires some form of financing, be it traditional bank lending, equity injection, crowd-funding, or otherwise. We have the experience in assisting clients raise finance and can tailor our service to fit your specific situation.

    We can assist you with fund raising, whether it is debt or equity, at whatever stage of your business life cycle. 

    • M&A Advisory

    M&A transactions can be complex and time consuming. Our team helps smooth the process , avoid pitfalls an ensure that you get maximum value from the deal.  We can support our clients on all aspects of the transaction from conception through to completion, providing trusted independent advice and a straightforward, personal approach. Our strong relationships within the traditional banking, private equity, alternative finance and legal world, enhance our ability to guide you through any scenario, however unique or complex. 

    • Transaction support

    Whether you are buying or selling a business, we can provide the necessary transaction services. 

    • Business Valuation

    Businesses often require assistance in relation to the value of their business for tax or purely commercial reasons. We can provide clients with a detailed valuation service to fit the requirements of your situation. There are many situations where a valuation of a business, its shareholdings, and its assets will be required, and we can undertake these business valuations.

    Financial Planning and structuring

    Businesses should be dynamic and keep pace with the ever evolving situation. We can assess your business and propose the right planning and structure.

    ESG reporting

    This highly topical area of sustainability reporting, a mix of mandatory and voluntary requirement, will soon effective.  This service is presently NOT available as its framework is being worked upon and will be based on the standards to be released during the year. Still work in progress – watch this space.